Step-by-Step Guide:
How to Create Online Courses Website

This tutorial will guide you through the complete process to create an online courses website from A to Z. I used the website Tutorat A+ Tutoring, which I redesigned, as an example to create this free tutorial. A great thank you to the owner, Francis, for letting me use his website.

At the end of the tutorial, you will be able to create a website like Tutorat A+ Tutoring.


Enjoy and Have Fun!

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The “star” under the column Theme indicates that the tutorial is explained with the WordPress Academy Theme.

A.  Keyword Search for SEO Optimization 
B.  Web Hosting 
C.  Choose a Content Management System 
D.  How to Use WordPress 
E.  WordPress Academy Theme 
F.  Install WordPress Academy Theme 
G.  Import the Demo File of WordPress Academy Theme 
H.  Install Important WordPress Plugins 
I.  WordPress Academy Theme Shortcodes 
J.  WordPress Academy Theme: Edit the Slider 
K.  WordPress Academy Theme: Edit the Front Page 
L.  WordPress Academy Theme: Edit the About Page 
M.  Create a New Page in WordPress 
N.  WordPress Academy Theme: Contact Form 
O.  Set Up SMTP in WordPress 
P.  Create Blog Post in WordPress 
Q.  WordPress Academy Theme: Create Free Online Courses 
R.  WordPress Academy Theme: Create Lessons 
S.  WordPress Academy Theme: Create Premium Online Courses 
T.  WordPress User Registration 
U.  WordPress Academy Theme: Payment Process

V.  WordPress Menu 
W.  WordPress Academy Theme: Testimonials Page 
X.  Rights and Obligations Pages 
Y.  WordPress Footer Menu 
Z.  Submit Site to Google