Protect Against WordPress Spam

Avoid Users Registrations and Post Comments Spam

If only there is no spam on the Internet...But the reality is: They are there and more than ever! Indeed, the new website is now live for about 2 weeks and yesterday I saw 28 registration emails in my inbox. I knew that something was wrong. Yes...Mr....

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How to Test your WordPress Site

Before Launching your Site

There are several processes in a Website that need proper testing before going live with it: Registration, Payment, Newsletters sign up, Blog Comments and many more.

In order to make sure that everything is working fine before launching a website, it is mandatory to test all...

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Submit Site to Google

Google Search Engine

Before proceeding with the steps to Submit your Site to Google Search Engine, make sure to launch your website first.

Launch your Website

If you have enabled a "Coming Soon" plugin that was preventing users to access your website while you are still working on...

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WordPress Footer Menu

Edit Wordpress Footer

A Footer menu is mostly used to display links to different legal pages like: Disclaimers, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Return Policy... We can also find links to useful information. You can actually put anything you want in a footer menu. For Tutorat A+ Tutoring, we are doing the traditional way...

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Rights and Obligations Pages

Disclaimers and Terms and Conditions Sample

In a website, it is important to include a Disclaimers page. It is essential to inform the users on the use of the website and limit the liability of the web site owner.

The Terms and Conditions page is equally important since it indicates each party's rights...

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WordPress Menu

Customize your Website Menu

The menu of a website is very important because it displays to a user the main contents of a website. It is then very important to make sure that the appearance of the menu is attractive enough for users to see it and click on it. If we take a...

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WordPress User Registration

Enable Subscribers to your Website

Now that your Online Courses are set up, you will have to make sure that the Registration Process is working fine. Users can access Free Courses without registration. But with a registration, it is more interesting because the user can track his/her progress and see which courses he/she has...

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Create Blog Post in WordPress

Adding Posts to your Website

For an Online Course Website, the Courses are indeed the most important but you can't forget about the Blog Posts. Posting regular blog posts is the greatest way to stay in contact with your users. By providing more valuable information, your website is also more rich and interesting for...

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Set Up SMTP in WordPress

Email Configuration

To ensure that the emails sent from your website Contact Form will be received by you, make sure to set up the SMTP properly so the routing of the emails from your Wordpress website is configured correctly.

First, make sure that you have put the correct email address in your General...

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Create a New Page in WordPress

Add Pages to your Website

Pages for your website are essential to add more contents to your webpage. Adding new pages to your website with Wordpress is quite simple. If you want to create a new page in Wordpress, just follow these steps.

Step 1: Click on "Add New" under the Section "Pages"...
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