WordPress Academy Theme: Testimonials Page

Add Customers Testimonials to your Website

Testimonials are very helpful to enhance the trust of the users toward your courses. Opinions from learners who have already taken your courses are the best information for potential users to know how helpful and effective your courses are. Before buying a product or service, we usually want...

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WordPress Academy Theme: Payment Process

Wordpress Payment Plugin

The payment process for your premium online courses is managed with the free Wordpress payment plugin WooCommerce. Different payment methods are available. We will mainly use PayPal to handle the payment process.

Click on "Add New" under the Section "Plugins" at the Left Side Menu

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WordPress Academy Theme: Create Premium Online Courses

WooCommerce Plugin

To monetize your knowledge, you can sell online courses. The most important is to implement a payment process. To add a payment process to our website in order for us to sell courses, we need to download a plugin. The Free WooCommerce plugin.

Step 1: Download the WooCommerce Plugin

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WordPress Academy Theme: Create Lessons

Add Lessons to a Course

A course consists of several lessons. It is better to separate a course into different lessons on specific subjects. It is more organized and more enjoyable for the user to progress in his/her learning. Breaking a course into different lessons can also let the user know what are the...

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WordPress Academy Theme: Create Free Online Courses

Teach with Online Courses

If you are starting an online learning course website, it is always great to offer some free courses. Especially for users who are not familiar with you yet, they will be hesitant to start paying for your courses at first. So providing free courses is a very good way to...

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WordPress Academy Theme: Contact Form

Create a Contact Us Page

Like the About page, the Contact Us page is also a must-have. People will have more trust for a website if they see an email address or phone number. Providing a way for people to contact you is also a great way to keep contact with users that are...

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WordPress Academy Theme: Edit the About Page

Present Yourself with an About Page

An About page is essential for a website. Most of the users, not to say all of them, click on the About page in order to understand more about the mission of a company or to know more about the author. Because of this, it is mandatory to...

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WordPress Academy Theme: Edit the Front Page

Display Online Courses, Posts, Authors and Testimonials

There are different sections on the front page:
- A section to display 3 different information - A section to display courses - A section to display the users, authors or experts - A section to display testimonials We will customize them to our liking.
Step 1: Click on "Pages" at...
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WordPress Academy Theme: Edit the Slider

The Front Page Slider

Edit the Text, Button and Image of the Slider

For the slider, you should put important information to present your services or what makes you stand out. For our example, since it is for a tutoring service website, we will be presenting the different services that Tutorat A+ Tutoring...

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WordPress Academy Theme Shortcodes

Customize Your Pages and Posts with Shortcodes

Customizing your pages and blog posts with the Wordpress Academy Theme is easy. In the Text Editing Box, there is a blue icon in the shape of a cross that can be used to insert shortcodes.

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