How to Create Intro Video and Outro Video

To make a professional video, an intro and outro are essential. It is one of the best ways to allow your audience to associate the video to your brand and remember you. Creating Intro and Outro Videos does not have to be complicated and can be done completely free. Let's see how with...

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Best Video Hosting for your Online Courses

Youtube, Vimeo and Wistia

Whether you want to provide free videos or premium videos that you will be selling, it is important to choose a video host. There are several elements that we should pay attention to: User Interface, Options of the Video Player, Analytic Tools, Customization, Price and many more. Let's see our...

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Create a Video for your Online Course

How to Record Videos for Online Courses

There are different types of Videos that can be used for Online Courses. You could be filming yourself or someone else explaining a concept, you can teach with slides or you can explain your course by handwriting. It really depends on the kind of course you are...

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